In accordance with the mission set forth by St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 9:6-9, Christ Church dedicates a portion (10 percent) of our total income to supporting the particular and material needs of the Church and the city and the world. The charities we support include:

St. Anna Kinder Spital

St. Anna Kinder Spital Gruft (Vienna)

The St. Anna Kinder Spital is a children's cancer research institute and hospital.


VinziRast (Vienna)

VinziRast provides food and shelter for the homeless and help with reintegration.

's Haferl

‘s Häferl (Vienna)

‘s Häferl is a soup kitchen run by Diakonie in Vienna. A group of volunteers from Christ Church spend one Saturday every two months preparing and serving the midday meal for about 250 people. Christ Church also covers the costs of this meal.

Austrian Bible Society

Austrian Bible Society (Vienna)

The Austrian Bible Society promotes the printing and distribution of Bible throughout Austria.

Christian-Jewish Cooperation

Co-ordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation (Vienna)

The Co-ordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation provides forums for Christian-Jewish discussion and collaboration in Austria.

Jane Goodall Institute

Jane Goodall Institute (Vienna)

The Jane Goodall Institute educates Austrians about the environment.


Hemayat (Vienna)

Hemayat provides interpreter-mediated psychotherapy, psychological consulting, and medical support for survivors of war and torture.

Mobile Hospice

Mobile Hospice (Vienna)

Mobile Hospice is run by CS Hospice Rennweg and provides care to those in need of hospice care.

Die Tafeln

Die Tafeln (Austria)

Die Tafeln provides food for people who are struggling financially.

Chennai Leprosy Mission

Leprosy Mission Trust India (India)

The Leprosy Mission Trust India supports people suffering from leprosy in India.
Prédica Fiel

Prédica Fiel (Cuba)

Prédica Fiel (formerly Equipo Impacto) is an organization dedicated to training clergy and laity in bible teaching. It is administered by Crosslinks (UK).

Diocese in Europe

Diocese in Europe: Ordination Fund (Europe)

The Diocese in Europe Ordination Fund covers costs of training ordinands for the Church of England.
Diocese in Europe

Diocese in Europe: Bishop’s Advent Appeal (Europe)

Each year, Christ Church helps provide assistance to the Bishop's designated initiative.