Living Light
Welcome! You have found the site where the Creation Keepers team (the Christ Church Vienna Eco Church Committee), which shares ideas and experiences about how we can all lighten our footprint on the planet. We do this because we see our planet and its resources at a breaking point and believe in the power of personal examples. Every week, we share one experience or idea about some aspect of living, working, shopping, consuming, reading, learning, etc., that can help each of us to lighten our footprint. These are all local experiences and can easily be adopted by others in our community.

Additionally, Christ Church has committed to the Eco Church initiative of the Church of England. This means caring for God's creation through our worship, our buildings, land, community engagement and through our individual lifestyles. While we are not (yet) a certified Eco Church, we work towards this goal in the coming months and years.

Our authors (Rosie, Daniel, and Monika) look forward to any comments or ideas that you may also have and want to share.
Blog posts coming soon...