Christ Church, the Church Centre, and the Shop are all located next to the British Embassy in Vienna's third district and very easy to access via public transportation (information listed below).

Christ Church: Jaurèsgasse 17-19.
Church Centre: Salesianergasse 24.
Church Shop: Salesianergasse 20.

Public Transportation:
As parking is somewhat limited in the area, the best options for finding the Church are on Vienna's extensive public transportation system. Three options include:

Tram 71
Take the 71 Tram (Strassenbahn) to Unteres Belvedere. You will exit the tram at the corner of Rennweg and Salesianergasse, just one street south of Jaurèsgasse. Please note: the 71 tram does not run north/west of Schwarzenbergplatz on Sundays before 8am. If taking the 71 to our 8am service, you will need to take another tram to Schwarzenbergplatz and switch to the 71 there.

U4 U-Bahn Line
Take the U4 Metro (U-Bahn) to Stadt Park. Walk southeast along Johannesgasse and then south along Salesianergasse approximately 4-5 streets to Jaurèsgasse. It is about 650m from the station to the church building.

Commuter Trains
If you are staying further outside of the city or prefer the commuter trains (Schnellbahn), you can take any of the lines that stop at the Rennweg train station (S1, S2, S3, S4, and S7). Exit through the north entrance/exit and take the long ramp down to Jaurèsgasse. Walk west approximately 2-3 streets. It is about 450m from the station to the church building. If you exit through the south entrance/exit, walk west on Rennweg to Salesianergasse and then north to Jaurèsgasse.

For more information and to plan transportation schedules, visit the Wiener Linien website and use their planning tools.

For any other information, please contact the Church Office.