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We gladly invite you to get in touch with us at Christ Church.

Email address:
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+43-1-714 8900 (Church Office)
+43-1-718-4634 (Church Shop)

Postal address:
Jaurèsgasse 12,
A-1030 Vienna

The Church Centre is located at:
Salesianergasse 24
A-1030 Vienna

More information about our location and how to find us is on this website.

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Office and Operations
Office Administrator: Erica Schenk
Electoral Roll: Alexander Rösch
Safeguarding Officer: Erica Schenk
Pledge Envelopes: Ben Dannenmeier
Communications: Robert S. Kinney
Environment Officer: Monika Weber-Fahr
Librarian: Ian Begg

Sunday Services
Lessons Readers: Morkor Korley
Sacristry and Linen: Andrew Seneviratne
Servers: Vacant
Coffee Rota: Lola Ogunfojuri
Flowers Rota: Vivian Stenzenberger
Sidespersons Rota: Manfred Reiter

Connecting and Serving
Kids' Church: Lucille Curran
Youth and Education: Lucille Curran
Bible Study: Gabe Byng
Prayer Ministry: Patrick Curran
Soundings: Patrick Curran
Theology on Tap: Mike Waltner and Robert S. Kinney
Social Committee: Rosalind Shakespear
Crossways: Judy Castelino
Church Shop: Diana Dopheide
Soup Kitchen: Alexander Rösch
Prison Visiting: Isolde Pezet
Bazaar Coordinators: Philip Reading and Diana Dopheide